We are going to show you how you can install Pluto TV on your amazon fire stick or fire TV.

So Pluto TV comes with 100 plus channels, and thousands of free movies and TV shows, and you can watch live news, sports and more. It works with Roku amazon fire devices, laptops, iOS, and Android devices.

I’m going to leave the complete channel lineup on the description below to get installed, all we got to do is do a search. So hit the left key from your remote. Press down, and type in here, Pluto.

  • There you go. So we’re looking for Pluto TV So scroll down here on the third one on the search results, and you want to press ok here, other apps and games all you gotta do is press OK.
  • And you will see again option your end. So just go ahead and press OK here.

Another thing that I want to point out is that you need to use a VPN, or virtual private network before streaming any content on the internet. The reason is because we don’t know where the sources are coming from, so don’t take the risk, pure VPN offers a large number of servers, so you won’t experience any buffering whenever you’re using your streaming apps. They are on sale right now. So I suggest for you to take advantage of it. To get started, just open up a browser. The great thing about pure VPN is that it is a multi-platform service, so you can use it on your Windows, Mac, Android, iOS, Android TV. Cody and Amazon Fire devices. Now click on the address bar, and the lead the contents of it. We’re going to type in their again guys that’s So that’s lvp you are E, and press Enter or hit search for the year plan you save 55% billed annually at $59. So that’s $4 and 91 cents per month, only. If you’re going off the grid and cord cutting completely, by all means guys take advantage of the two year plan, which is billed by annually at $69. So you’re saving 74%, which is $2 and 87 cents per month. There’s plenty of payment methods there’s credit or debit card, PayPal blue snap. Le pay payment wall coin payments and cash you. So say for instance you want to use your PayPal account so click on paypal. Enter your name, your email address and confirm your email address and proceed to checkout pure VPN will actually send your account information, so you can go ahead and create a password. After making a payment, go ahead and install it on your devices, you can use pure VPN up to five devices at the same time. All right, once it’s installed, you will see an open button. Go ahead and press ok there. There you have it.

  • Even though the selections are limited. I like the interface and everything is on HD you won’t see any standard definition stream on this particular application.
  • On the left menu we have live TV free movies and TV shows. So I’m going to hit the left key here, we’re going to click on this.
  • And these are the selections of the movies.
  • And let’s go back to live TV here. And let’s check out the channel lineup, and the second some of the channels here. So we have, NBC News, press okay here.
  • All right, there we go, hit the back button here.

It really loads pretty fast. So that’s why I’m kind of like surprised that this one has been available in the Amazon App Store for a very long time. And a few people only discovered it for news we got CBS and.

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